We Could Have Been Riding Star Wars Speeder Bikes in the 80s

Excuse us for a moment while we lament the utter lack of Star Wars playground equipment from our youthful years while simultaneously thinking of the ridiculous prequel merchandising flood we sneered at in our teens and 20s.

We’re of two minds about this Speeder Bike playground set. On one hand it’s disappointing that Star Wars displayed such a lack of integrity even during the original trilogy. (How many merchandise ideas do you have to go through before you get to playground sets?) On the other hand, we would have wanted this Scout Walker tower so badly that our tiny hearts would have burst from the strain of endless pleading. We want it we want it we WANT IT.

We have Branded in the 80s to thank for digging this ad out of an October 1984 issue of Woman’s Day Magazine. Head on over to their original article to see what other piece of baffling-yet-awesome Star Wars play item they found!

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Tor.com and is waiting by the phone for the inevitable onslaught of merchandising company offers. Just… waiting.



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