Morning Roundup: Nick Fury Battles Captain Jack for Film Dominance

Your Monday Morning Roundup is brought to you by the letter ’H’. That stands for Honor, kids. And if you don’t know what honor is, you should ask Professor Dumbleworf. He’s got a whole army of kids fighting for his cause, and each one of them is prepared to ask the important questions, such as: if I end up in Hufflepuff, will that bring dishonor to my family? (The answer is yes, of course. Klingon wizards are never Hufflepuffs.) The rest of your offsite links are pretty awesome, too.


Highlights include:

1.) Torchwood and Nick Fury movies?

2.) An documentary tribute to Elisabeth Sladen.

3.)  Playing Street Fighter as a lonely heart.

Every day Stubby the Rocket jets around the internet looking for links of interest. When Stubby finds these links, they get put in our handy Links of Interest section and sometimes on our Twitter and Facebook! Here are today’s:

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