2011 Readers’ Choice Awards 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards Update 01/20-Last Day to Vote!

We’ve tallied your responses to the 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards as of 7:00 PM EST, Wednesday, January 18! Today’s the last day to vote — we’re closing in on the home stretch! Here’s where we are at:

The top ten voted-on Novels are:

  1. The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss (123 votes)
  2. The All-Pro by Scott Sigler (98 votes)
  3. The Seventh Throne by Stephen Zimmer (65 votes)
  4. The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson (56 votes)
  5. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (50 votes)
  6. Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi (46 votes)
  7. Embassytown by China Mieville (45 votes)
  8. Dancing With Eternity by J.P. Lowrie (44 votes)
  9. Among Others by Jo Walton (41 votes)
  10. The Final Arbiter by Mark Rivera (40 votes)

Those who have been following the Stubbies closely will notice a slight change in the top ten; the arrival of The Final Arbiter by Mark Rivera, which means the de-throning of A Dance With Dragons from the Top 10 status. Here’s the next ten in novels:

  • 11. A Dance With Dragons by George R.R. Martin (39 votes)
  • 12. Dragon Fate by JD Hallowell (31 votes)
  • 13. Ghost Story by Jim Butcher (21 votes)
  • 14.The Cripppled God by Steven Erikson (21 votes)
  • 15. Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey (19 votes)
  • 16. Blood in the Skies by G.D. Falksen (17 votes)
  • 17. Snuff by Terry Pratchett (17 votes)
  • 18. Reamde by Neal Stephenson(16 votes)
  • 19. Redheart by Jackie Gamber (15 votes)
  • 20. The Heroes by Joe Ambercrombie (15 votes)

As a quick glance will inform, these bottom ten are all pretty close. Notably, Blood in the Skies shot up since the last vote count. In any case, if you want GRRM or Terry Pratchet, or Jim Butcher or Steven Erikson, or any other fan favorites back up in the top ten, it’s still pretty close!

What’s going on in Short Fiction? Not too different from the last update, with two notable exceptions. Three new stories, “Houses” by Mark Pantoja, “The Windfarmer’s Guest” by Lucas Ahlsen, and “Cael’s Continuum” by Preston Grassman have both popped into the top ten. It should be noted there are a lot of stories below the number ten slot with the exact same number of votes as the number ten slot. Depsite Scalzi’s clear lead, other slots in the top ten are still anyone’s game.

The Short Fiction vote breaks down as follows:

  1. The Shadow War of the Night Dragons, Book One: The Dead City by John Scalzi (appearing on 108 votes
  2. “All Mimsy” by Kelly Wright 42 votes
  3. “An Island Sojourn” by Stephen Zimmer (appearing in Dreams of Steam) 22 votes
  4. Awakening of Evarun, Part 1″ by Tom Barczak 16 votes
  5. “The Windfarmer’s Guest” by Lucas Ahlsen (appearing in Abyss & Apex) 10 votes
  6. “Absinthe Fish” by M. David Blake (appearing in Bull Spec)  9 votes
  7. “Houses” by Mark Pantoja (appearing in Lightspeed) 5 votes
  8. “Infinity Blade: Awakening” by Brandon Sanderson 5 votes
  9. “Cael’s Continuum” by Preston Grassmann (Appearing in Bull Spec) 5 votes
  10. “The Man Who Bridged The Mist” by Kij Johnson (appearing in Asimov’s) 4 votes

The Book Cover votes break down as follows: (Not much changed here!)

  1. The Seventh Throne by Stephen Zimmer, cover by Matthew Perry (56 votes)
  2. Dragon Fate by J.D. Hallowell, cover credits not listed  (28 votes)
  3. The All-Pro by Scott Sigler, cover designed by Donna Mugavero (20 votes)
  4. Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente, cover by Beth White, design by Peter Lutjen (19 votes) — See how the cover to Deathless was created.
  5. The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson, cover by Chris McGrath (15 votes)
  6. Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey, cover by Daniel Dociu (10 votes)
  7. Towers of Midnight ebook edition by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, cover by Raymond Swanland (9 votes)
  8. God’s Eye by A.J. Scudiere, cover by Ruke, design by Greenleaf Book Group LLC and Alex Head (8 votes)
  9. Rule 34 by Charles Stross, cover information unavailable (7 votes)
  10. Green by Jay Lake, cover by Dan Dos Santos (7 votes)

Though the order of the comics voting didn’t change at all, the numbers did, which means Girl Genius is now TIED with Across Thin Ice. It also looks like The Unwritten is sneaking up.

Comic votes:

  1. Across Thin Ice – 15 votes
  2. Girl Genius – 15 votes
  3. XKCD – 12 votes
  4. The Order of the Stick – 10 votes
  5. Schlock Mercenary – 8 votes
  6. The Unwritten – 6 votes
  7. Animal Man (The New 52) – 4 votes
  8. TURF – 3 votes
  9. Locke & Key: Clockworks – 3 votes

Commenter Mark F had this to say on Wednesday:

“Methinks some people have been stuffing the ballot box. I hope the Admins at TOR check the IPs for each vote to make sure there are no repeats.”

Mark and everyone: we are! We are checking. So far, we’ve only had to do minor adjustments, but rest assured, Stubby the Rocket is a counting, re-counting and IP-checking machine.

Voting closes tonight, so if you haven’t voted yet, do so now! If you have voted, tell your friends!

As always, keep an eye on the Readers’ Choice Awards index for updates and don’t vote in this post. You vote here and only here.

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby encourages you to vote only once in this particular space/time continuum.


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