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Reading and writing community website figment has just launched a new feature for writers. If you’re feeling like you need an extra shot on inspiration, figment has lined up a solid group of writing gurus to help. Through March 30th, figment will be offering a Daily Theme in the form of a writing prompt invented by a specific well-known writer. Today’s prompt comes from the wonderful reality-bending Aimee Bender. (Who we featured in Genre in the Mainstream back in September.)

Here’s Aimee’s prompt from today:

Very quickly, write down a list of ten locations.

Pick #3.

Set two characters in this location, and use one of the objects you might easily find in this location. Let the two characters talk a lot about this object, or these objects. (If it’s a diner, maybe a grilled cheese sandwich. If it’s a meadow, a daisy chain.) Put them in a situation where they have to use this object. But one of the characters isn’t saying everything he/she is feeling. There’s a secret underneath, but the character will not reveal it. You may not even know what it is at first. Let this tension come out in how they talk about the object, without building to a big ‘reveal’.

Try it again, with location #7.

You have to sign-up with figment to check out the past daily themes, and more are forthcoming from folks like Lev Grossman, and more. Since we can’t have people like Lev and Aimee in the office giving us good ideas everyday, this seems like the next best thing.

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Here’s Stubby’s daily prompt: write a story featuring Stubby the Rocket. Do not give Stubby any character flaws. Or else.


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