Rick McCallum’s Description of Star Wars Live Action TV Show Sounds Like a Cross Between Baywatch: Nights and Caprica

Everyone’s favorite Lucasfilm exec, Rick McCallum has been out on the road promoting the new film Red Tails, but naturally has gotten a lot of questions about that other Star Wars project, the mysterious live-action TV show. Well, IGN has a video of Rick talking about the show in which he reveals its title and what it will be about. Title, video, and summary below the cut.

The working title of the show is “Star Wars: Underworld,” which is supposedly going to be all about the “underworld” and the “gangs” which are controlling various parts of society. McCallum likens this to how “Wall Street controls the United States.” He also claims the supposed 50-something scripts are “timeless” and each one will be bigger “than any of the prequels.” He asserts the budgets for each episode will be very high because of “so many digital characters.” In the video below he also talks a lot about the politics of how TV shows are marketed and how hard it is to get these kind of ambitious projects done.

On the one had McCallum’s comments on the state of the monetization of television are interesting and a bit enlightening. On the other hand, it sounds a bit like a big old excuse for why this project hasn’t happened and spin control in case it doesn’t happen. Further, the exploration of the Star Wars criminal element has really been fully explored by various Black Sun storylines in all corners of the expanded universe from comic books to novels to games. (Remember those people pictured above?) So, the question is, will the official canon of Star Wars continue to alienate its base by ignoring large portions of what other writers have been doing with similar ideas for decades? In other words: will Xizor show up?

In anycase, here’s the interview:

Are you excited by the title and ideas behind Star Wars: Underworld? Terrified? Indifferent?

Let us know!

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