Grab Your Pizza Rolls: New Plinkett Review of Indy 4

RedLetterMedia has just released the latest satirical review from beloved psychopath movie critic Harry Plinkett. (Plinkett of course, is not a real person, but rather the fictional alter ego of filmmaker and critic Mike Stoklasa.) Prior to this Plinkett has given in-depth bizarre/hilarious/insightful reviews of the Star Wars prequels, the TNG-era Star Trek films and something called Cop Dog.

Now he’s taking on the least popular Indiana Jones film; The Kingdom of the Crysta Skull. Merry Christmas! We’re heating up our pizza rolls right now.

Fair warning: potentially offensive/crude humor awaits you. Both parts of the review are over on Red Letter Media’s webzone. (Screenshot taken from the review.)

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and wants to know why daddy isn’t getting on the boat. Daddy? Why aren’t you getting on the boat? Daddy?


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