A Memory of Light

Brandon Sanderson Has Finished A Memory of Light

Quite a night for epic fantasy fans, first The Hobbit trailer goes live, then Brandon Sanderson (studiously avoiding watching any trailers, we imagine) finishes the first draft of the final Wheel of Time novel, A Memory of Light.

Sanderson announced topping this particular summit around 8:30 AM this morning, having written through the night. According to his Twitter account, the first half of 2012 will involve careful revision so that the final installment can stand as a shining example of the best that the series has to offer.

This past month, a panel of Wheel of Time experts has been speculating and theorizing about what might happen and what they would like to happen, in A Memory of Light. You can read their roundtable discussions right here. (And stay tuned later today for one final roundtable discussing, well, something you never thought you’d be discussing about The Wheel of Time!)

Brandon chose to listen to this song—“To Zanarkand” from the Final Fantasy X soundtrack—to commemorate finishing the final scene. In an intensely odd bit of serendipity, our production manager Chris tells us he was listening to the exact same song on the train into work at about the same time! “It’s a very pretty, calming solo piano piece. Perfect to kind of marshal your strength to in the morning.” Or when you’re finishing an epic quest, apparently!


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