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Geek Girl Gift Guide

So you have to buy a gift for a lady who likes Batman over Barbie. Tolkien over Twilight. The Eleventh Doctor over Dr. McDreamy. You know that soap set from Bath and Body Works just isn’t going to cut it. Geeky girls need geeky gifts! Which is why I’ve put together a guide to buying the perfect present for the Adama-loving, Carl Sagan-worshipping, comic-book-reading, ladies in your lives.


Geek or no, jewelry is a good go-to gift. Map out your love and holiday wishes in binary code.


Put one of these on your lady’s finger—and duck.


Power her up with reappropriated Mac button baubles.


Or introduce her to a new ten book series.


If your geek gal has already jumped to the e-reader, get her the typography nerd’s dream case.


Exchanging business cards doesn’t always have to be such serious business.


Holiday booze is serious affair, however. Give your geek lady the tools to serve drinks with an extra punch.


Wearable nostalgia is always a win.


Have your lady take a step forward, then take a step back, then take a step forward in a nouveau version of Chris Knight‘s bunny slippers.


Rainbows and kitties should bedeck the cover of every nerd girl’s dream journal.


For ladies who have internet on the brain, even in their dreams.


Crafty, informative, and kind of wrong. The geek girl gift trifecta.


Get a little meta and put stockings in her stockings. Add an extra dose of geek with a nod to social media.


Lest anyone think they can push your geek lady around, this pin provides protection—and a warning to others.


Stacey Brook is a writer in NYC. She is a geek girl who loves giving and receiving geeky presents. Her nerd posse is ferocious. Read her handmade fashion blog or follow her on Twitter @staceybrook.


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