Morning Roundup: L’Affaire Magneto

Welcome to the last Monday before the western holidays come crashing down on us like an unwanted comet. Have you finished your holiday shopping? What did you get Stubby the Rocket this year? Stubby likes dinosaur toys and cash in unmarked envelopes. Think of how much Stubby gives to you all year. Like what? Like these offsite links for example! Look at today’s links while while thinking about buying Stubby a flatscreen TV in the shape of a dinosaur.

Highlights include:

1.) Bane’s got bat-marbles in his mouth.

2.) Moffat is like “Really, there’s no Doctor Who Movie!” and then like “Look over here! New pictures of Sherlock!”

3.) Magneto in the style of Tin Tin (art sample above from mooloozone, link below)

Every day Stubby the Rocket jets around the internet looking for links of interest. When Stubby finds these links, they get put in our handy Links of Interest section and sometimes on our Twitter and Facebook! Here are today’s:

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby would be in big trouble if Stubby ever had to tango with Magneto.


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