Smash Your Opponents to the Tune of Acapella: The Video Game Music Choir’s /sing

The best musical thing I’ve stumbled upon recently is a group called the Video Game Music Choir, who perform adaptations of video game themes with great technical and vocal skill. (We all know I love this kind of thing; refer back to posts on adaptations of the themes of Game of Thrones, Zelda, etcetera.) The founder and musical director is Julia Seeholzer, while the art direction and creative design comes from Daniel Jimenez—each have contributed arrangements to the project, and the group is made up of a group of Berklee College of Music students.

What makes this especially neat is that it isn’t a one-off—the Video Game Music Choir have released an album!

The album is called /sing, downloadable here for however much you want to pay, and also streamable/shareable. It contains adaptations from games as wildly varied as The Sims to Sonic Adventure 2 to Portal to Super Smash Brothers Brawl. And speaking of those last two, you can see via YouTube how singularly neat these choir performances really are.

Pretty cool, huh?

[via Topless Robot]

Lee Mandelo is a multi-fandom geek with a special love for comics and queer literature. She can be found on Twitter and Livejournal.


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