T-Rex With A Lightsaber Vs. Normal Guy Who Also Has a Lightsaber

There is a belief out there that perhaps the Internet is overly lousy with lightsabers. And maybe there’s a bit of overkill on the whole goofy Dinosaur thing too. However, sometimes the execution of Dinosaurs+lightsabers is so perfect that it nearly makes you weep. Or something. In anycase, we love this and think you should too. Artist Sam Nielson says it came from a dream. Here’s a section from his explanation on his blog:

But when I looked back, there was the Tyrannosaurus, soaring over rock formations and bursting through cliffs as it flew after me. And no matter what I did I couldn’t stop him. My brain kept coming up with new powers, each of which the T-rex countered with a power of its own.

For more like this, check out Sam’s website at Sam’s Tasty Art.


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