Holiday Gift Guide: A Very Cthulu Christmas |

Holiday Gift Guide: A Very Cthulu Christmas

(Cthulu Christmas Brass Tentacle Ornament by RockLove)

Having trouble wrapping your arms around what to get your friends and family for the holidays? Turn to your favorite cephalopods for help. Who isn’t romanced by the squiggly arms of a squid or the suckers of a many-limbed sea creature? From neckties, to jewelry, to classic Christmas ornaments, tentacles are wrapping everything in holiday spirit. So embrace the Cthulu, the octopus and the giant, man-eating squid, and get Kraken on purchasing gifts that will inspire many two-armed embraces.

Start by having yourself a very Cthulu Christmas:

(Tentacle Christmas Tree Ornament by Blissful Earth Jewelry)


Some decor for your friends who can’t keep plants alive, but who like to startle house guests into screaming, “It’s alive!”

(Tentacle Plant by societysedso)


Help your hot single lady friends pull in some Lovecraft-loving fellas.

(Tentacle Attack White Mini Dress Tunic by Strange Jam)


Want to give your lady a gift she’ll cherish forever? It will be hard for her to lose a ring that’s suckered to her hand.

(Diamond Tentacle Ring by Peggy Skemp Jewelry)


Forget ordinary Christmas cards. Wave hello to your family and friends, cephalopod style.

(Tentacle Personalized Notecards by cardinalink)


What would the open sea be without a little libation?

(Tentacle Winestopper by Dellamorteco)


Just about the only time you want a tentacle wrapped tightly around your neck.

(Sucker Necktie by Cyberoptix)


Ease the kiddies into their nerducation with a plush version of our tentacled friend.

(Lil Cthulu by Sailorscoutfan)


Get meta and give an octopus shirt printed with octopus ink.

(Tentacle Tee by Octopus Ink Clothing)


Who knew slimy sea creatures could be so glamorous?

(Stolen Pearls Gold Octopus Hair Clip by Steampunk Couture)


In place of KEEP OUT signage.

(Tentacle Vinyl Art by stickypic)


For friends who are planning on taking their love of sea creatures underwater:

(Tentacle Applique One Piece Bodysuit by Collective Chaos)


An early morning reminder that you’re a nerd.

(Handpainted Octopus Ceramic Travel Mug by SewZinski)


Eat octopus and then rest your chopsticks on octopus. Creepy. Cruel. Awesome.

(Tentacle Chopstick Holders by natalidotca)


And when all else fails, go simple. Perfect.

(Tentacle Ring in Solid Bronze by mrd74)


(Cthulu Christmas Extra Long Silver Tentacle Necklace by RockLove)

This guide originally appeared on EtsyBrook.

Stacey Brook is a writer in New York City, and the creator of fashion blog, EtsyBrook. She is a proponent of all things handmade and has her Master’s Degree in Holiday Gifting.  This year all of Stacey’s friends and family will be receiving betentacled presents.  Even grandma.  Especially grandma. You can follow Stacey on Twitter @staceybrook.


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