Cast of The Empire Strikes Back Reveal the Plots for All Nine Star Wars Films!

Recently, this vintage interview from 1980 surfaced featuring the cast of The Empire Strikes Back as well as director Irvin Kershner. Beyond raw nostalgia, the segment is interesting for a lot of reasons. For one, all the cast seems to have some kind of idea of how the prequels will unfold, complete with a depiction of why Vader will be forced into a breathing mechanism. Mark Hamill mentions a eight-year-old Luke, and young Anthony Daniels jokes about the notion of playing C-3PO in his 60s (which basically happened)! But beyond these nerdy tidbits is something else sort of sweet from a recently bygone era: all the cast appear to have dressed themselves in dorky charming outfits. No stylists were doing Carrie Fisher’s make-up or hair here, or telling her what outfit to wear! They all look like regular, likeable people. See for yourself below. (Video via AtombombTV)



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