Morning Roundup: Sisterhood of the Twilight Pants

Monday is like a magical coffee cup that refills itself with coffee whenever you set it down. It’s a thoughtful gesture on the part of the cup, but you keep spilling coffee on yourself because you forget its always going to be full. So, next time someone asks you the whole “glass half empy/half full” thing, just think of the magic coffee cup with infinite refilling powers. Metaphor isn’t so simple now is it? 

As you sip your morning coffee, here are some fun offsite links to fill up your morning.

Highlights include:

1.) Game of Thrones casting speculation, and cast members crossing into other kingdoms!

2.) Joss Whedon has some character issues.

3.) Even more weird Twilight things online (pants are just the begining!)

From our handy “Of Interest” sidebar:

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby is a pair of traveling pants insofar as Stubby never goes out of style and is jetting around like nobody’s business.


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