Morning Roundup: Time to Put Your Rory Mask On

Friday is like being inside of joy. As if joy was something you could touch and wrap yourself up in like a blanket. I’m pretty sure certain bloggers here would do anything to return to Friday. Which is why we’re altering the course of Friday to have it occur every day of the week. Just like Skee-Lo would have wanted. We hope you enjoy the last regular weekend before everything gets holiday bonkers.  Here’s some offsite links to send you into the weekend with grace and dignity.

Highlights include:

1.) A Bro-mance from another time.

2.) Killer tribbles?

3.) Various famous authors chat with each other in audio and video streaming action!

From our handy “Of Interest” sidebar:

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby considers Sting a hero, though doesn’t listen to the music he’s made over the years.

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