A Steampunk Evening at Blackwell’s Charing Cross

As steampunk events go, the best ones create a space for a real meeting of creative minds. Oh, and good alcohol helps, too. Across the pond in London, at the bookstore Blackwell’s Charing Cross, the booksellers will be hosting a get-together on December 8th, packed with literary & artistic creativity.

“A Steampunk Evening” is co-sponsored by the Kitschies, an annual literary award that recognizes “the year’s best genre literature. The award seeks out the most progressive, intelligent and entertaining novels that contain elements of the fantastic and speculative.” The Kitschies are also presented by Kraken Rum, who also will be providing plenty of refreshments for the event at Blackwell’s.

Their invited guests are well-known authors familiar to many steampunk fans: China Miéville, Lavie Tidhar, Philip Reeve, Adam Roberts, Kim Lakin-Smith and Jonathan Green. Artists involved include people who work with fine art, illustration and crafts influenced by the subgenre, such as Deadly Knitshade, Gary Northfield, (Now that would be) Telling, Nicola Tedman and Sarah Skeate.

In addition to “A Steampunk Evening”, the Blackwell’s blog will be hosting a discussion throughout the holiday season about steampunk, featuring a variety of guest bloggers. You can join in over here: http://blackwellscxr.blogspot.com/

But “A Steampunk Evening” hopes to be the kick-off to this online salon space. According to one of the event organizers: “The goal is to prompt discussion and debate about what Steampunk is and its significance, and the more people we have attending and chatting about it, the better. Plus, we’d like our guests to have a big crowd. Else it’ll just be us and the giant plastic squid.”

So don’t leave them by their lonesome if you’re in London on the 8th.

“A Steampunk Evening”
Thursday, 8 December 2011
7.00 pm to 9.00 pm
100 Charing Cross Road
London, England
Phone: 020 7292 5100

More details about the event can be found on the Kitschies website or you can RSVP on Facebook.


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