Humanity’s True Containment

Christian Cantrell’s novel Containment takes us to a future where Earth has become almost unfit for human life. In order to preserve the human race, the world’s governments form the Global Space Agency. Their project: cultivate sustainable life on other planets.

In the end, Venus is chosen, and a group of Earth’s smartest and most adaptable people are selected to colonize there, with the expectations of expanding and increasing oxygen production. Eventually, the oxygen level is stable enough to allow a generation of Venus-born children, they become known as Gen V.

Jump to graduation day. Gen V is interviewed and assigned jobs based on their skills and abilities. Arik Ockley, the golden boy of Gen V, has integrated himself into advanced technology, and he can solve complex problems better than anyone before him. His assignment: research and solve the limited oxygen problem through artificial photosynthesis (AP). However, Arik believes there is a better way to solve the oxygen problem. Arik’s decision to research his own solution despite receiving instructions to focus only on AP leads him down a road that causes him to question everything he has ever been told.

Containment is heavy on science and technology terms, but everything mentioned seems very plausible today or in the near future. And the more you learn about how humanity ended up in this predicament, the more you consider how this is a path we could very well be traveling down.

I listened to the audiobook, available through Tantor Audio, in about a week. Sometimes I would sit in my driveway or in a parking lot, waiting to turn off the car until I came to a break in the story. Currently, Tantor is offering Containment for free when you create an account and download the new App for Android. Visit for more details.

Cassandra McNeil is self-contained.


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