Let’s Do This: The Muppets Hosting the 2012 Oscars

“It’s time to play the music!
It’s time to light the lights!
It’s time to meet the Muppets on the Oscars show tonight!”

With a string of abysmal hosts in the past few years and swiftly plummeting relevance, audiences have been wishing for a different breed of Oscar host in 2012. While some were hopeful at the announcement that Eddie Murphy would be donning the host mantle next February, the departure of Brett Ratner as the producer meant that Murphy was next to leave.

There is only one course of action: the Muppets must host the Oscars. And it turns out, this campaign has been going since early this year.

Back in February this year, a blog to get the Muppets to host the Oscars appeared on the web, but it didn’t get the traction it needed to raise a ruckus. But a Facebook page has showed up now, and a Twitter account @MuppetOscars. You should Like and Follow accordingly—Twitter and Facebook have been responsible for getting fans what they want before, and if this gains enough momentum, there’s no telling where it could lead. But here are some possibilities:

  • Kermit having one of his trademark breakdowns backstage when Camilla and the other chickens decide to leave Gonzo’s act with the promise of starring roles in the next Martin Scorsese film.
  • Miss Piggy abandoning Kermit in favor of flirting with Daniel Craig (long song ensues). Then the oncoming tantrum when she goes to accept her Oscar for Best Actress and finds out that she wasn’t nominated.
  • Statler and Waldorf heckling winners when their speeches go on for too long. (That one was @MissBrittHayes’ idea.)
  • Rowlf playing piano for every nominee for Best Song.
  • Animal eating the set when the show runs into overtime and the network panics.
  • A truly touching finale when all the winners have to come on stage with their Muppet hosts and sing Rainbow Connection. How’s that for a proper Hollywood ending?

We’re ready for a Muppet takeover in 2012. (Maybe even next week…) What’s your vote?

(A great big thanks to Den of Geek for bringing this to our attention!)

Emmet Asher-Perrin is the Tor.com Editorial Assistant. She took a Muppet Test once and came out as Miss Piggy. She has no idea why.


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