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Good Night to the Monsters

As you head out into the night, clutching your wolfsbane, or silver-topped cane, or spear gun, or pentagram for protection against the various monsters we’ve partied with throughout the week, be not afraid, for we have arrived at the end. Mostly.

Like the monster mash itself, many classic monster movies just seem to suddenly stop, even though you want the mad monster party go on and on.  Sometimes these films end with a classically elegant line like “it was beauty who killed the beast!” in King Kong. Other times, like in the Wolf Man, an awkward sputtering of a character’s name is the last line, like “Larry.” In the last scene of Dracula, the newly restored Mina asks of Van Helsing, “Aren’t you coming?” to which he replies “Not yet, presently.”

We like this one the best, and want to end the Mash with this thought. Is the Mash truly over? Not yet, but presently. Please explore the entire index of Monster Mash articles, keep an eye out for some pieces over the weekend, and make sure to keep love in your heart for all the things to go bump in the night. 

The above words of wisdom from Big Count D himself should sum up exactly what we mean. 

Happy Halloween!

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and just wants you to remember, Mark’s an asshole.


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