Morning Roundup: How to Build Your Sexy Ernest Hemingway First Edition Costume

If you were any day you’d be Friday. Mostly because we all want to run home to Fridays and curl up and watch a marathon of Babylon 5 DVDs. Yep. It takes all weekend to watch every single episode back to back to back, and you best start now if you want to be able to watch all the special features, too. Remember: No sleeping! Sadly this morning’s morning roundup contains no B5 news, but does have some cool offsite links.

Highlights include:

1.) This great and hilarious bit of social commentary about Halloween via artist Jillian Tamaki. (Pictured above. Click the link for the full comic!)

2.) The AV Club is making a case for The Matrix: Reloaded and Revolutions. Wow.

3.) The D&D Coloring Book you never had, but wished you had has been found.

4.) Alligators might be coming to HBO….

From our handy “Of Interest” sidebar:

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