Dark Horse Comics Announces Angel and Faith Surprises at NYCC

You can debate whose got the best super hero comics in the industry today until the cows come home. However when looking at supernatural and horror comics, the name Dark Horse is sure to come up. Dark Horse Comics has been the home of such titles as The Goon, BPRD, Hellboy, and of course the ongoing Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics. So it’s no surprise that when I sat down at their panel, Buffy and Angel Presents: Dark Horse Does Vampires Right, I was ready to hear what the comic house has in store for its various vampire representations.

Immediate spoilers for Buffy season 8.

The biggest news to come out of the panel involves the new Buffy spin-off comic, Angel and Faith. For those not familiar with the series, which is only up to issue two right now, the comic picks up after the events of the Buffy Season Eight comic run. In the very end of that run, the Buffy world was rocked by the death of Giles. Angel, who feels responsible for what happened, is setting out on the road to redeem himself for his actions—he’s always working on redeeming himself for something, huh?—and gets Buffy’s former nemesis Slayer, Faith Lehane, to come along on the ride. What’s his plan? To find a way to bring Giles back from the dead. Right, like that hasn’t gone badly before….

Lots of information was dropped about the development of future storylines for the series by Christos Gage, the series writer. He clued us in that issues four and five would reintroduce that blond vampire menace Harmony and demon Klem in a storyline called “In Perfect Harmony.” But the big bit of news involves an upcoming storyline for Faith in issue six called “Daddy Issues” in which we’ll be introduced to her father. 

Christos Gage, the writer of Angel and Faith, said the whole idea came up as part of a writer’s summit with Joss Whedon. Scott Allie, Dark Horse’s Managing Editor, added, “The one character you’ll meet is her dad, and it’s a great and terrible story.” Apparently there’s more than one reason that it’s called “Daddy Issues” but that’s something we’ll have to find out down the line. They can’t tell us everything!

As a fan favorite, Faith has had a tempestuous relationship with pretty much everyone in the Buffy-verse so getting a chance to see more about her background will be a real treat. Christos Gage’s writing is very solid on the book so far with what are beloved characters, and Rebekah Isaacs‘ art does the series proud. Issue three of the series comes out October 26th so we only have to wait three months more for the daddy storyline. Meanwhile, we also have Buffy Season Nine to keep us company too. With both titles keeping the Sunnydale Scoobies alive and growing under Joss Whedon’s watchful eye, Dark Horse seems to have the Buffy-verse well in hand. 

Shoshana Kessock is a comics fan, photographer, game developer, LARPer and all around geek girl. She’s the creator of Phoenix Outlaw Productions and ReImaginedReality.com


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