Visiting First Second Books at New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con is now (here’s some tips on how to do it best) and children’s book and comic imprint First Second has revealed their signing schedule.

You might know First Second from their comic offerings here on, from nostalgic video game comic strip Legends of the Joystick to the more recent selections from Nursery Rhyme Comics. Check out the creators and artists form First Second at booth #1730 this weekend!


12:30 PM – Nick Bertozzi, Lewis & Clark
2:00 PM – Joe Flood, Orcs
3:30 PM – Ben Hatke, Zita the Spacegirl



11:00 AM – Sara Varon, Bake Sale
12:30 PM – Nursery Rhyme Comics, with Nick Abadzis, Scott Campbell, and Dave Roman
2:00 PM – Dave Roman, Astronaut Academy
3:30 PM – George O’Connor, Hera
4:30 PM – Joe Flood, Orcs



10:00 AM – Ben Hatke, Zita the Spacegirl
11:00 AM – Carla Jablonski, Defiance
12:30 PM – MK Reed, Americus
2:00 PM – Nursery Rhyme Comics, with Leonard Marcus, Dave Roman, Raina Telgemeier, Sara Varon, and Stephanie Yue


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