Awesome Artistic Rendering of a Cubed Planet Earth

The Stuff to Blow Your Mind podcast has some pretty awesome fans, including graphic artist Robert McLaren, who took it on himself to create this amazing interpretation of a cubical planet Earth after listening to our episode on the topic (which you can grab off iTunes, Zune and the RSS feed).

The concept itself makes for an amazing physics-based thought experiment. How would the shape alter gravity as we experience it? How would it affect global climate and the shape of our oceans? In addition to my recent blog post on the topic, both Ask an Astronomer and Ask a Physicist have some excellent thoughts on the topic, which we reference in the podcast episode.

But as McLaren quickly discovered in a Google Images search, the internet doesn’t offer much in the way of illustrations. Or sure, you can find some cubed-looking globes and some rough sketches, but nothing that really brings to life the corner mountains that extend into space or the oceans that pool at the center of each plane.

What’s a graphic artist to do? He stepped up to the plate and created his own rendering of Earth Cubed. Be sure to check out his website for more of his work.

So there you have it! You can find the Stuff to Blow Your Mind podcast on iTunes, Zune and the RSS feed. And don’t forget the free HowStuffWorks App!


Image source: Robert McLaren/graphic artist

Originally posted at HSW: Awesome Artistic Rendering of a Cubed Planet Earth

Robert Lamb is a senior staff writer at and co-host of the Stuff to Blow Your Mind podcast and blog. He is also a regular contributor to Discovery News. Follow him on Twitter @blowthemind.


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