True Blood Episode Review: “Soul on Fire”

The penultimate episode of the season brings us lots of fireworks, magic, and a fairy. Just one fairy, true. But still. We all knew we weren’t making it out of this season without more fairies. Sigh. And did you know werewolf breakups come with official language? Fascinating.

True Blood is careening towards its big finale, picking up where last week left off—vampires with automatic weapons ready to turn Moon Goddess into the Alamo. Except no one inside really wants to fight. Except for Marnie.

Oh, Marnie. I was sad to see her go. She’d run her course. There was really nothing more for her to do in Bon Temps, especially with her spells not really working on that grand scale she was seeking. Fiona Shaw was one of the best actresses to guest star on this show. Her ability to play such a multi-faceted character will of course go unnoticed during Emmy nomination time, but she definitely gave one of my favorite performances of the year.

Being True Blood, just when I thought Marnie was gone for good, she came back right at the end to torment poor Lafayette. I hope Nelsan Ellis has the chops to really channel Fiona Shaw. Those are big shoes to step into for an episode.

Was anyone surprised that it was Jesus who saved the day, not Sookie? Sookie tried to use her do-gooder powers to tell Marnie she understands what it feels like to be a freak, but I can get why Marnie was not buying it. In fact, I can kind of completely get why everyone but Bill and Eric find Sookie annoying. Yeah, yeah, she’s had hardships in her life, but she’s beautiful, perky, popular, has magical fairy powers, and men willing to commit freaking suicide over her. I just don’t think she understands quite what it’s like to be a true misfit. I’m in no way condoning what Marnie did but… shut up, Sookie. You’re not helping!

I’m just so happy Jesus survived another week. And that his face isn’t stuck in a permanent rubber brujo mask. (Seriously. Stop using that goofy as hell mask.)

Outside of Moon Goddess, Bill, Eric, Pam, Jessica, and Jason were trying to find ways to get through Marnie’s sun barrier. I was really impressed with the FX when that redshirt vamp (a few redshirts died this week) disintegrated. It looked appropriately unpleasant. I can’t believe Bill and Eric offered themselves in exchange for Sookie’s safety, even after Jason packed their bags for a guilt trip.

I think my biggest problems with True Blood is that I never, ever believe Sookie’s in mortal danger. There’s no show without her. Of course she’ll live no matter what happens. Of course, it’d be too meta for Pam to say that, so instead we get her hilarious “Fuckin’ Sookie. She’s always in the way.” It’s funny because it’s true.

Threatening Sookie’s life is apparently a big enough offense to make Eric overlook his hundreds of years as Pam’s maker? Really? What does Pam have without Eric? And a mani-pedi and some new vintage Cartier? She’s as directionless as Debbie Pelt, but a hundred times tougher.

What a difference from last season, when Alcide dumping Debbie’s ass would’ve had me cheering. Now, I just feel bad for her. No Alcide, no Marcus. Addicted to V again. How long before she shows up on Sookie’s door with a shotgun instead of flowers? This can’t be the last we see of Debbie.

Still not buying Sam as any kind of intimidating badass. Hell, he was even willing to let Marcus live after everything he’d done. He’s too good of a person at heart. He’s not a killer, not like Alcide. 

Maybe Alcide will strangle the new fairy in town. Or Eric will use her heart as a sippy cup, like he did with Roy. What’s Maurella’s game? God, even her name is stupid. If Andy has no idea what he’s getting into by getting into a fairy, I think Maurella has no idea what she’s getting in Andy. He’s not exactly the powerful lawmen he’s made himself out to be.

Fairies. The dread. It returns. It’s been such a nice season without them.

True Blood airs Sundays at 9PM E/PT on HBO.

Theresa DeLucci has been reviewing television on for three years. Her coverage includes Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, Lost, Dexter and, most recently, Game of Thrones.


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