Chesley Award-Winner Spotlight: Donato Giancola

The Chesley Awards for achievement in art are given each year by the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists at the World Science Fiction Convention. This is part of a series of posts to spotlight each winner from this year’s event.

Donato Giancola—another artist that hardly needs introduction to the SFF crowd—has won numerous Chesleys, Hugos, and Spectrum Awards. He is also the recipient of the prestigious Hamilton King Award from the Society of Illustrators. 

He won the Chesley for Best Interior Art for “Eowyn and the Lord of the Nazgul”, shown above.  If you are a fan of great painting or Lord of the Rings, you must check out his classical interreptation of Tolkien’s world in Middle-Earth: Visions of Modern Myth.

As an interesting aside, this painting inspired a community-based art challenge. You can see 160 other interpretations of Eowyn and the Nazgul over at The Art Order.

Donato Giancola art

Click here for the full list of 2011 Chesley Award winners and nominees.

You can see more of Donato’s work on his website. For information on his how-to video featuring the red “Mechanic” (seen above), visit this page.


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