Doctor Who in a Corset

A few days ago, the image of a Doctor Who-inspired corset appeared online. The corset, modeled after the Doctor’s TARDIS, was an instant sensation, and has since flown around the internet, appearing on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

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The mastermind behind this incredible creation is Nikki Cohen of MayFaire Moon. Cohen already has a significant record of producing remarkable haute couture and alternative clothing. She is well known for her custom made corsets, but her work also includes very impressive bridal wear (including a dress based on Arwen’s wedding gown from The Lord Of The Rings), menswear (including an extremely accurate re-creation of Snape’s robes from Harry Potter), and even custom clothing for bands. Her creations have even been featured in a fashion show at Philadelphia’s own premier nightclub event, Dorian’s Parlor. So it comes as little surprise that she would be the mastermind behind this latest, witty creation.

According to Cohen, the idea for the TARDIS-themed corset first came to her four years ago at Philcon. But she had no opportunity to create the corset until she mentioned the idea to a client, Nikki S., who jumped at the chance to have the piece commissioned. And the rest is history.

What about the future? In addition to her current projects, Cohen looks forward to creating a line of poetry-themed corsets, when time allows.

More information about Nikki Cohen can be found at her Twitter and on Facebook.

Photos courtesy of the wonderful Hugh Casey.

G.D. Falksen is the author of Blood In The Skies. He delights in all manner of creative cross-genre creation. More information can be found on his Facebook and Twitter.


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