NASA and Tor/Forge Publishing Collaboration Coming Soon

NASA and Tor/Forge have announced a forthcoming publishing collaboration that will meld the sensibilities of strong science fiction with equally strong space science. This team up will pair existing Tor/Forge authors with scientists from the Goddard Space Flight Center. The concept is to not only create scientifically accurate and exciting science fiction novels, but also to promote an interest in science awareness in general.

When I was a boy, books by Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein and their colleagues excited me, inspiring a lifelong fascination with space and the science and technology that would get us there. — Tom Doherty, publisher of Tor Books

The project has just been announced so stay tuned for details as to which authors will be participating. The space shuttle program may have ended, but the dream goes on! Read the full press release on the Tor/Forge blog here.


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