It’s Almost Like Steven Moffat Lies Sometimes (Big Doctor Who Spoilers)

Since the Russell T. Davies 2005 relaunch of Doctor Who, fans can always be sure of one thing—the showrunners are liars. Thankfully, we usually benefit from their deception by being pleasantly suprised. After a recent screening, current Who showrunner Steven Moffat released a variety of spoilery statements, including the quip, “It’s almost like I lie sometimes.” Though we should always take any Who rumors with a large ounce of skepticism (especially ones that originate with the showrunners!) here is a break down of what’s out there.

BIG SPOILERS BELOW (Highlight to read)

  • The Daleks will be back
  • There will be a new companion in season 7
  • There will be references to previous eras of Doctor Who in this season
  • Somehow, “Let’s Kill Hitler” will feature three old companions
  • The last episode of the season will be called “The Wedding” which may refer to the wedding of the Doctor and River Song

These rumors come to us from Bleeding Cool, Doctor Who Spoilers, and io9 who in turn rounded it up from @DWMtweets (the twitter account for the official Doctor Who Magazine!)

What do you make of it all?

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