Morning Roundup: Zombies Strike At the 2 Mile Mark

It’s Tuesday, and it looks like we’ve survived the ape uprising. We know, we’re surprised too. Here’s what we’ve got for your link fix:

1.)  The first time you’ll hear the dulcet tones of Bane, Batman’s new nemesis.

2.)  Zombies in your 5K race.

3.)  Tales of robot belonging.




From our handy “Of Interest” sidebar:

  • This is what Tom Hardy sounds like as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. What do you think? Maybe there will be sampling involved too?
  • This senior thesis animation short tells the touching story of a robot who is curious about where it belongs.
  • Looks like a Hulk TV show might be in the works, with Guillermo del Toro producing. Now, that sounds cool and everything, but won’t that get kind of confusing with Hulk set to return to big screens in The Avengers?
  • Absolutely gorgeous superhero art. (Bert and Ernie were thrown in for good measure. For a rounded selection.)

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby could play the Hulk. Easy.


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