Morning Roundup: Batman Hits the Streets, Demands Closeup

Tuesday jumped up behind us and shouted in our ear. We were pretty surprised. But we are not deterred, and have brought links! Today we’ve got:

1.)  The best things that happened at Comic Con.

2.)  Cats who love bowties.

3.)  Tea that might not be tea.

4.) Batman! Batman playing Batman!

From our handy “Of Interest” sidebar:

  • Set photos from The Dark Knight Rises! Look at that bat! Look at him! Doesn’t he just ooze… erm, batness?
  • Now that Peter Parker has been killed off in the Ultimate Marvel universe, it looks like it might finally be time for a black Spider-man. We’re definitely behind this.
  • In 1973, Paul Williams crooned on the Johnny Carson’s show… as an ape. Ala Planet of. (This may be the funniest thing we’ve seen so far this week. And we see lots of funny things.)
  • There are Doctor Who cats. Would we lie to you about something this important?

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