Knights of Badassdom Trailer

In case you’re still catching up on the plethora of movie trailers that premiered over the weekend at Comic Con, here’s your chance to check out The Knights of Badassdom, an upcoming horror comedy with a cast that reads like some kind of magical fanboy wishlist sprung to life. We’ve got the awesome Peter Dinklage (enough said), True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse, in shining armor), frequent Whedon muse Summer Glau, frequent Aaron Sorkin muse Joshua Malina (look, I know The West Wing isn’t SFF, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome), Community‘s Danny Pudi (Abed! Playing a character named “Lando”!), the always likable Steve Zahn, and the brilliant Jimmi Simpson, who finally seems to be getting bigger roles after popping up on shows like Party Down, Psych, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia for the last few years….

The movie’s premise involves a group of live action role-players who accidentally summon an ancient evil and must band together to defeat it — so, kind of like the Evil Dead movies, if Ash had been a Dungeon Master. And yes, the trailer features an obligatory “Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!” reference, but given the accumulated geek cred of the cast, I’m really hoping that the movie will be more than a bunch of cheap jokes at the expense of gamers. Frankly, we’re way overdue for a geek-friendly take on LARPing, and as long as I’m getting a For Geeks, By Geeks vibe from this movie, I’m happy to give it the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, there’s no release date yet, but in the meantime, check out the trailer above and see what you think…

Bridget McGovern suddenly wants a t-shirt that reads “Bruce Campbell Is My Dungeon Master Now” in the worst way.


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