Goes Ape! | Goes Ape! Goes Ape!

We have a confession to make. Chimpanzees run the offices. But don’t fret! We’re all intelligent chimpanzees like Cornelius and Zira from the classic Planet of the Apes films and original novel.

As such, we’ve decided to GO APE for an entire week! This will include all kinds of features starting with an in-depth analysis of the original novel by Pierre Bouelle as part of Ryan Britt’s Genre in the Mainstream series. Ryan will also be doing re-watches of all five original Planet of the Apes films as well as the 2001 Tim Burton interpretation. Jim Beard will be talking about the latest Planet of the Apes book release; Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes, which will include a brief interview with its author, Drew Gaska. Everything will conclude one week later when Danny Bowes reviews the latest entry in the Apes saga when he gives us his assessment of Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

We hope you join us in going ape on and chime in on all the conversations and share any of your ape (well, simian) related memories!


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