Name Pluto’s New Moon After Neil Gaiman

The trusty Hubble space telescope has recently discovered a fourth moon orbiting the Kuiper Belt Object known as Pluto. Famously once a planet, Pluto still triumphantly occupies the icy outer-rim of our solar system and up until recently was thought to have three satellites: Hydra, Charon, and Nix. The Hubble has now detected P4 (or designation 2011 (134340) 1 if you want to get sexy about it), making the Pluto family a little bit larger. Astronomers think P4 is roughly 8 to 21 miles long.

We’re very excited about this news, but P4 is no name for a moon. Thus, we propose that this new celestial object be named “Neil Gaiman,” or just “Gaiman,” after the genre-busting author.

Who’s with us? Chime in below with your own thoughts as to what the moon’s name should be! (Hint: The name should be Neil Gaiman.)

[via Reuters]

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby discovered Gaiman, the moon and the man, like a really long time ago.


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