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Mistborn Fans: Don’t Forget to Pick Up Today’s Edition of The Elendel Daily

Good day, Mistborn and The Alloy of Law fans, have you seen today’s edition of The Elendel Daily? Quite shocking, we must say. It seems as if crime and panic are seeping into every part of life! What is Scadrial coming to?

Right now at San Diego Comic Con, the Tor Books booth is offering a special broadsheet packed with news from the world of Brandon Sanderson’s upcoming The Alloy of Law Mistborn novel. The broadsheet is packed with little hints about the upcoming book, as well as a ton of contextual information about the world that doesn’t appear in the novel itself!

There are a lot of gems here for fans of Mistborn and we didn’t want to Sanderson fans the world over to feel left out, so Tor Books has provided a downloadable PDF version of the broadsheet!


Download the PDF version of The Alloy of Law broadsheet (About 4 MB)


As a bonus, the broadsheet also includes the Prologue from The Alloy of Law, which you can also read right here on

If you’re reading this on Thursday, July 21, don’t forget you can Twitter chat at 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST with some of the Tor Books folks who helped it come about. Info here.

We’re still getting our hands on some copies of the actual broadsheet, so keep your eyes peeled for some sweepstakes involving them!

Broadsheet written by Brandon Sanderson, illustrated and designed by Ben McSweeney, composited and edited by Peter Ahlstrom.


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