Space Whales are Kind of a Big Deal

Recently the office got into a discussion about the prevalence of space whales in science fiction. They’re so immediately weird, but because they are, they function as a terrifically simple indicator that you’re somewhere you’ve never been.

Just last season there was a space whale on Doctor Who, not to mention these space whales from the Star Wars middle reader book The Glove of Darth Vader. We took to the internet to find more examples, but it turned out that space whales are so resonant that someone had already beaten us to this idea: F*ck Yeah Space Whales. This entire website is dedicated to illustrations of space whales. Here’s a few samples.

Whale Ship by JCBaezillustration via Deviant Art

Whale Ship by JCBaezillustration


Fantasea by wullfenartist via Deviant Art

Fantasea by wullfenartist


Whale of Hope by *EdenKnight via Deviant Art

Whale of Hope by *EdenKnight

What’s your favorite space whale? The humpbacks from Star Trek IV? The star whale from Doctor Who? The Gnosis from Xenosaga? Or maybe even Sin from Final Fantasy X? Any of these beautiful space whales?

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby would like a picture of Stubby racing a space whale.


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