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Cunning Harry Potter Crafts You Can Make

J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series inspires our imaginations with a world that is similar to the one we know, but has a side that we’ve never before seen. As we lead up to the end of the Harry Potter movies, I’m taking a two-part look at the crafts which make this fantasy world real in our own way. This second part rounds up free patterns and instructions for all kinds of Potter crafting.

Make Your Own Mad Eye

Mad Eye Moody's Mad Eye

Whether you’re planning to cosplay or just want your own mad eye for your own mad reasons, there are several patterns out there for making one. This first pattern is probably the best choice for cosplay. It’s on a leather strap and can be made entirely of scrap materials/odds-and-ends. The pattern is on Instructables, which means you’ll have to close a few pop-unders if you don’t have a membership, but it’s well worth it for a free pattern.

Or if you’re a crocheter, you can try this crocheted mad eye pattern.

Hatch a Nest of Owlets

A nest of crocheted owlets

These crocheted owlets are too small to carry mail, but they’re adorable and work up quickly. This is a good pattern for people without much crocheting experience, or for doing Harry Potter crafting with children. Children may require a little help with decreasing in the final triangle part, but the whole pattern only requires one crochet stitch (single).

Adopt a Dragon

A small crocheted dragon

Even if stuttering faculty members haven’t been giving you dragon’s eggs, there’s no reason you can’t make your own Norbert. I’m planning to try this adorable dragon crochet pattern over the summer because he’s just too cute!

For a holistic dragon experience, try this simpler patter for paper dragon eggs.

Origami Golden Snitch

A golden origami snitch

To make this origami golden snitch (PDF pattern), all you need is a sheet of yellow paper and basic origami skills, or the patience to make your way slowly through the directions. It’s one you can teach a child, provided you’re ready to have a swarm of snitches turn up around the house.

RuthX is a mild-mannered librarian by day who serves the dread lord Cthulhu after dark, but deep-down is more of a Hufflepuff than she’d like to admit.


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