Neil Gaiman is Not F**king Kidding: Numerous Geek Personalities Support an Onion Pulitzer

Satirical faux-news source The Onion has always had strong, hilarious connections to the genres of science fiction and fantasy.  Some of our favorites have included their coverage of Richard Dean Anderson appearing at NY Comic Con, the creator of Sliders ranting about unaired seasons, Star Trek fans in outrage over the entertainment value of the 2009 film, and most recently a report that the final Harry Potter film will be split into 7 parts.

But the Onion isn’t just all fake news, there’s also the A.V. Club, which frequently features excellent, legitimate pop culture coverage, much of it dealing with SFF. (A good example would be their Doctor Who primer from 2010.) The latest issue of The Onion focuses almost solely on the fact that they were “snubbed” for a Pulitzer. Now several geek celebrities have picked up on this “joke” and are throwing in their two cents. But are they kidding?

Numerous celebrities from across the entertainment and political spectrum have come out in favor of The Onion being awarded a Pulitzer. Take a look below.

Neil Gaiman:


Mark Gatiss:


And then there’s an amazing plea from Neil deGrasse Tyson; astrophysicist and director the Hayden Planetarium at the Natural History museum.

We can tell Neil is kidding in this one, but it still makes us wonder: does comedy and satire have a place in the eyes of something as prestigious as the Pulitzer? What do you think? All in good fun, or is there something serious underneath all of this?

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of  Stubby is so outraged at The Onion being overlooked for a Pulizter that Stubby is about to jettison all of its fuel in protest.


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