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Watch Out Dementors, Tor.com Readers Pick Their Patronuses

The only way to beat a dementor is to either not have a soul in the first place or to lay down some serious Patronus smack. We know that a wizard’s Patronus isn’t necessarily one they would choose, as it resembles something of a spirit animal. Harry Potter’s was a stag, Hermione Granger’s was an otter, Luna Lovegood’s was a rabbit, and Tonks had a Patronus of a werewolf. But if you could pick your Patronus, what would it be?

On Tuesday and Wednesday we turned this question to our faithful Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Here’s a roundup of some of your answers.

On Facebook, we ran a proper poll where readers could add their options. Here with 16 votes, the notion of having one’s Patronus take the form of a dragon won the most soundly. Interesting entries here were the ED-209 (from Robocop!) with 2 votes as well as one vote a piece for Christopher Walken and Woody Allen shaped Patronuses.

Two different kinds of pandas made an appearance on Facebook, including a normal panda, giant panda, and a red panda. Oddly neglected on Facebook was a giraffe Patronus with zero votes.

However, over on Twitter, the giraffe Patronus was popular! @adenpenn said “A fox or a giraffe.” And @joshua_starr said “Giraffe! Most awkward Patronus ever.” We think he meant this as a good thing. In case you’re confused as to why giraffes are so formidable, we direct you to this video about giraffes.

Some of our other favorite Twitter answers were platypus, crocodile and wombat. We also liked this tweet from @braak who said “African Honey Badger. TOUGHEST ANIMAL POSSIBLE.” The only thing that might have beat this was the quietly confident response from @TimothyPhin who said “Definitely a sparrow.”

Dragons and pandas popped up on Twitter quite a bit too, but we have to give a few more shout outs. Tor.com’s own @jasonhenninger said “however impractical, I would choose a dolphin.” Bravo.

And finally, @lyssad87 gave the most appropriate response we found. “My Patronus would be a penguin, because they’re my favorite.”

Thanks as always to our Twitter and Facebook peeps for participating in our surveys! If you missed out, there’s still time to tell us your Patronus in the comments below!

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Tor.com. Stubby’s Patronus is Stubby the Rocket.


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