This Saturday: Free RPG Day

If you’ve ever been curious about roleplaying games—the tabletop kind, not the ones you play on a screen—now’s the time to poke your nose into your local games store and ask around. Specifically, if you check in on this Saturday, you might find yourself entering in the middle of Free RPG Day.

Participating stores fill the day with introductory games and free giveaways, from game publishers ranging from Wizards of the Coast (Dungeons & Dragons) and Paizo (Pathfinder) through to Green Ronin (Dragon Age—yes, based on the video game) and Pinnacle Entertainment (Savage Worlds). These events are designed to show even the rankest novice what the games are all about and then hook you good, so it’s the perfect opportunity to get involved and start having fun. 

Every store runs its version of the day in its own way, playing to its particular strengths. The stores buy into the program at different levels, and the publishers offer support at different levels too, giving the shops an assortment of options. Be sure to check the store finder and contact your local shop for details about their particular programs and giveaways before you head out to join in.

Matt Forbeck is the author of thirteen tie-in novels, most of them having to do with Dungeons & Dragons or Blood Bowl. Angry Robot recently published his first original novel—Amortals—and his second—Vegas Knights—is due out this spring.


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