Happy Captain Picard Day!

Happy Captain Picard Day! Inspired by and derived from the TNG episode “The Pegasus,” June 16th is Captain Picard Day (on the Enterprise officially, in our hearts everywhere else). Why June 16th? A fan translation of the stardate featured in the episode translates to that day in our archaic dating system.

In honor of this wonderful day, we’ve assembled below our favorite Captain Picard videos from the net. Some are tribute videos; others are just great clips from his wonderful life. So make it so and remember—there are four lights!


Picard Does the Alphabet
No explanation needed here.


Maybe not all the times Picard says “Engage” or “Make it So” but, still a pretty solid video. Even young Picard from “Rascals” is in here. (Did you know he was played by a young David Tennant? Okay, that’s a lie.)


There are Four Lights!
In all seriousness, this might be Picard at his most badass. After being tortured and humiliated, he still doesn’t break. Awesome.


Picard Fights for Robot Rights
Classic scene from “The Measure of a Man” in which Picard really lays the philosophical smack down in defense of Data.


Picard Quotes Hamlet
Again, no explanation needed.


Patrick Stewart in Hamlet
Wait! This isn’t from Star Trek! That’s okay. If you haven’t seen the recent Patrick Stewart/David Tennant-starring production of Hamlet, do so now.


Picard Struggles With Who He Is
This may be the best Picard/Q Episode Ever. Don’t mess with your crazy youth!


Picard Draws the Line
Sure, Picard is a raving lunatic here, but the Moby Dick action is amazing.


The Captain Picard Song
Watch this one at your own risk. It will be stuck in your head forever.


Captain Picard Day
Here’s what started it all. Complete with Riker’s unfunny Picard impression.


What’s your favorite Picard moment? Remember to celebrate Jean-Luc all day!

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