Joel Rosenberg, 1954-2011

Joel Rosenberg, who died on June 2, 2011, was the author of over twenty science fiction, fantasy, and mystery novels, including the popular Guardians of the Flame fantasy series. Born in Canada on May 1, 1954, he grew up in North Dakota and Connecticut, and spent most of his adult life in Minneapolis. He was also a poker player, a pro-gun activist (who taught a widely-respected course in firearms), a musician, and a friend.

There will be more later from those who know more details, but I want to mention a few things. One is that he put himself out considerably to pull me out of a bad living situation. Another is that I know that for several years he had to win at least $50 a month at poker to pay his rent, and he did. Another is that in the last couple of months, since I returned to Minneapolis, we made music together several times and it was a joy. Another is that when I travel to conventions, I meet fans of his Guardians of the Flame series and it always pleases me. Another is that I really, really like his book D’Shai and the sequels.

He is survived by his wife, Felicia Herman, and his daughters Judy and Rachel.

I wish I could do better at this. I liked him, I respected him, and I’m going to miss him.

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