Lemon Cakes Were Never Enough: The Internet Eats Its Way Through Westeros

Lemon cakes were only the beginning.

In late March, celebrity chef Tom Colicchio and HBO wandered through NYC and LA serving up dishes specific to Westeros, the fantasy world (well, continent) featured in the new Game of Thrones television series. (The most ubiquitous being the infamous lemon cake, the recipe of which you can find here.)

The various dishes being offered during that promotion seem to have inspired a couple bloggers to eat their own way through Westeros, inspiring them to comb through the series and whip up a recipe for anything mentioned. (Well, almost anything.)

Which is how we find ourselves at the Inn at the Crossroads.

Sariann and Chelsea over at Inn at the Crossroads have a simple mission statement:

In the coming months, we will be delving deep into the world of Westeros and far over the Narrow Sea to explore the mouthwatering cuisines favored by the fantastic cultures in the books. Where appropriate, some recipes will be two-fold: A modern recipe, and a traditional recipe more in keeping with the quasi-medieval world of the series.

Sansa salad by Inn at the CrossroadsInn at the Crossroads has an extensive breakdown of foods by region, by meal, and by type. Citing specific passages from the series, they’ve already tried roasted gull, fiery dragon peppers, and, bravely, a “bowl of brown.”

There’s a good deal more to come, it appears. Although the site does have a warning list of foods it will NOT be trying to duplicate, either due to absolute gross-out factor, foods that are listed as illegal, or a shameful lack of 100 doves.

One commenter on their blog does point out that there is a glaring lack of vegetarian or vegan options. Perhaps the cooks are striving for authenticity here, though. Westeros was never too hospitable to vegetarians. Or anyone.

Bon appetit!

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot and often random voice of the Tor.com staff. Its crew will eat their bowls of brown and be glad Stubby gives them anything at all. There are kids in space who get nothing at all to eat, you know!


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