New Terra Nova Trailer Gives Us More Dystopia, Dinosaurs

The new trailer for the Brannon Braga/Steven Spielberg/Rene Echevarria produced Terra Nova is here and it looks promising! In the future, with humankind facing extinction, a select group of colonists decide to retreat into the past to start fresh. Naturally, they head back to the Time of the Dinosaurs where plants are lusher, the air cleaner, and lizards much bigger. This new trailer gives us great scenes of the future dystopia from which the humans are fleeing, and a few glimpses of the dinos that are either going to ruin everyone's day, or be instrumentative to agriculture. We think there's a solid tone to this trailer that gives us hope that Terra Nova could maybe be a great science fiction series. (And probably slightly better than Dino Riders.)

What do you think?


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