Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch

Announcing the Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch!

Announcing the Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch here at!

I’ll be your host, Star Trek novelist/editor/comics writer/critic/whatever Keith R.A. DeCandido and for the next several months, I’ll be providing you with notes, commentary, and trivia about each episode of the first Star Trek spinoff series.

The Next Generation cemented Star Trek’s presence in an entirely new generation of fans and ran for seven years. As such, there’s a lot more to explore and each episode will be broken down into the following categories (though not every category will be in every episode):

Captain’s Log: The plot of the episode.

Thank You, Counselor Obvious: Troi stating the obvious, as she is tragically wont to do.

Can’t We Just Reverse the Polarity? The Next Generation did love its technobabble, and this section will provide some of the technobabbliest.

No Sex, Please, We’re Starfleet: Romantic and sexual encounters the crew has—or doesn’t have….

The Boy!? What did Wesley Crusher do this week?

If I Only Had a Brain: Data’s progress in trying to become human.

There is No Honor in Being Pummeled: Worf getting his ass kicked, as he was wont to do.

Welcome Aboard: The episode’s notable guest star(s).

I Believe I Said That: Quote of the week.

Trivial Matters: Odd bits of trivia regarding the episode, some of it possibly even interesting.

Make It So: My opinion of the episode. You’ll probably want to skip this bit….

Each episode will then get a warp factor rating of 1-10, where 1 is dreadful and 10 (or, infinite in this case) is awesome. There will also be pictures, under which I will provide extremely  poorly written captions.

The Rewatch kicks off Monday, May 9th and will continue twice a week on Mondays and Thursday, covering one episode a day. Stay tuned for our kick off on Monday, “Encounter at Farpoint.”

Keith R.A. DeCandido has been writing or editing Star Trek fiction since 1999 in novel, short story, eBook, nonfiction, and comic book form. The most recent were a novella in the Seven Deadly Sins anthology, a couple of one-shot comic books for IDW (the Jellico issue of Captain’s Log and the Klingon issue of Alien Spotlight), and the novel A Singular Destiny, which was both the followup to the Destiny trilogy and the lead-in to the Typhon Pact series. Follow him online at his blog or on Facebook or Twitter under the username KRADeC.


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