Kraken Krafts: Volume 1

Any sailor worth their salt knows about the dreaded kraken! Who is not fascinated by the idea of large tentacles winding over the side of the boat, reaching out to “hug” you? Well, I know a couple people…if you are one of them, turn away now—I am about to release the kraken!

Here I will share my cephalopod passion in a series of posts titled “Kraken Krafts”! Volume One allows you to proudly announce your monsterous interest with one of these awesomely crafted kraken accessories. (Above card from Kelpy Design.)

Missmonster is a Chicago artist who has an array of kraken-esque accessories, from Pocket Krakens to scarves to demon skulls (these and other steampunk goodies are available in her online shop). Here are just a couple of her creative tentacled creatures:

Pocket Kraken from Missmonster

The Pocket Kraken


Tentacle Pendant from Missmonster

Tentacle Pendant


Leviathan Barrette from Missmonster

Leviathan Barrette


Want something a little more Lovecraft? Well, Seattle-based designer Fable and Fury has just the thing:

H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu necklace from Fable and Fury

H. P. Lovecraft Cthulhu necklace


Briming with Cthulhu pride? Adore yourself in these brass cuffs by Blue Bayer Design Studio:

Octopus brass bracelet from Blue Bayer Studio

Octopus brass braclet


One can find a lot of different nautical beasties on sites like Etsy. Societysedso’s etsy shop is full of whimsical polymer clay pieces:

Tentacle pendant necklace from Societysedso

Tentacle pendant necklace


The SWAKtopus from Societysedso

The SWAKtopus


Another adorable handmade kraken that will hug you all through winter can be found at the pinkavenger shop:

Kraken Soofie from pinkavenger

Kraken Scoofie


If you are more into the specimen-style, the Etsy shop of silentcheesecake has a large catalog of museum quality accessories:

Tentacle Vial Pendant from silentcheesecake

Tentacle Vial Pendant

More tentacles then you can shake a stick at, and even more to come for all you sea-farers!

Lana Crooks loves the antique, the creepy, the cute and the mysterious. She began her artistic life as an illustrator, but became a sculptor of fabrics and found objects. She constructs all kinds of creatures (commonly those from the deepest oceans, but even the ones from under your bed). These cuddly monstrosities have been spied at places such as: Munky King, Rivet, Rotofugi, G1988 and Art Basel. Lana has frequently been spotted teaming up with other artists to help create the monsters within their heads. She has also partnered with the OhNo!Doom collective and operates a gallery in Chicago, IL. But, on an average day, you can find her at the studio surrounded by model ships, books, skulls, faux fur, glass eyes, a menagerie of stuffed friends and a cat named Tanuki.

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