China Miéville Tours in Support of Embassytown

Bestselling author China Miéville (Perdido Street Station, The City & The City, does he really need an introduction on this site?) is doing a series of events across the U.S. and in Canada to support his latest novel. As engaging in conversation as his fiction is to read, you owe it to yourself to check out Miéville if he comes to your town. Especially for Embassytown, the author’s first foray into science fiction.

Tues., 5/24 – Harvard Bookstore,* Cambridge, MA @ 6:00pm
*Note: This is a ticketed event held at the Brattle Theater. Buy tickets here.

Wed., 5/25 – Toadstool Bookshop, Lorden Plaza, Milford, NH @ 7:00pm

Thurs., 5/26 – World’s Biggest Bookstore, Toronto, ON @7:00pm

Sat. 5/28 – University Bookstore, Seattle, WA @ 7:00pm

Sun., 5/29 – Powell’s Bookstore, Portland, OR @ 4:00pm

Tues., 5/31 – Barnes & Noble, Roseville, MN @ 7:00pm

Wed., 6/1 – WORD Bookstore,* Brooklyn, NY @ 8:00pm
*Note: This is a ticketed event held at Public Assembly. Purchase tickets here.


Embassytown will be released by Del Rey on May 17th. Visit the author’s blog at Lastly, read an all-new standalone short story, “Covehithe” over at The Guardian.

Theresa DeLucci will see you at Public Assembly on June 1st. Check back soon for her review of Embassytown.


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