A Story Told In Many Ways. Presenting “Cradle of the Scar,” Part 6

Over the past few weeks, fantasy author Peter Orullian has been releasing a six-part video story, “Cradle of the Scar,” set in the same world as his new debut novel The Unremembered.

With “Cradle of the Scar,” Orullian set out to tell the story of one event, but from six very different perspectives. From Orullian’s site:

Here’s the thing that just tickles me: If you watch this and then read the book, you’ll have a deeper context for a few of the events and moments in the novel. You don’t need to see these for the book to work, of course. It’s additive story. It’s like finding an Easter egg.

Towards this end he gathered a host of artists to help him visualize “Cradle,” resulting in six markedly different variations on one tale, each one hosted in a different place online. You can check out the first five here! Happy viewing!


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