Decade’s Best SFF Movies Viewer’s Poll

Decade’s Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Movies Viewer’s Poll

Here we go again.

Now that the team is rested and refreshed from the Best SFF Novels of the Decade Reader’s Poll, we’re turning our gaze away from the printed word and towards the silver screen. We’re asking readers to choose the best science fiction and fantasy movies of the first decade of the 21st century!

We’re in favor of eleven-year decades, so any movie published from January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2010 is eligible. There’s no limit to how many you can pick, and to assist you we’ve assembled a cheat sheet of science fiction/fantasy films that have come out in the past eleven years. (Download as a spreadsheet or plain text file.)

All votes should be written in the comments below. If you vote for a series (like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings) please note that you are doing so. Series will be counted as one vote for every eligible movie in that series.

We also ask that you limit the voting to movies that enjoyed a wide release in theaters or were otherwise notable. You can vote for all of the cash-in Pokemon cartoon movies, but that’s not quite in the spirit of the best SFF movie of the decade. Also, as much as we love Sharktopus, Transmorphers, or Supervolcano, we’ve refrained from opening up those particular B-movie floodgates in the list linked above. Voting for something like Primer, however, though and independent film with a very limited release, would by very much in the spirit of the proceedings.

Please vote only in the comments below. We’ll tabulate the films mentioned in the comments from now until 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, April 24th. The ten with the highest number of votes will be highlighted in a series of appreciation posts here on the site. And, of course, there will be other nice surprises. (Hey, we weren’t kidding last time, were we?) 

Seeing as how the last poll we ran resulted in perhaps the greatest fantasy novel of our time, we’re definitely excited to see what results from the greatest SFF movie results!

We’ll be updating the votes regularly here on, Facebook, and Twitter until the end of voting, so keep checking back. And rally your friends to vote on your favorite!


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