Weekly Who: A TARDIS That Literally Flies & the Best Poker Game on Earth

Welcome to our Weekly Who roundup! Every Friday morning we collect random/cool Doctor Who-related news and things that we’ve found in our internet travels. Feel free to point out your own finds in the comments!

This week! Geez! It started with massive throngs of Doctor Who fans clamoring for the attention of the cast. (Check out a transcript of their Q&A here.) What will it possibly end with?

How about a collection of the Doctors as cats?* Or an awesome poker game? Or a homemade TARDIS that literally flies?

In Doctor Who news:

1.) A lot. BBC America busted out the cast for an American tour this week in preparation for the season premiere on April 23rd. You can find coverage pretty much anywhere the internet exists, so we’re going to skip it for now. (Although do check out our ongoing series of adorable fan interviews.)


On to the cool stuff!:

Doctor Who poker by Laura Lee Gulledge

1.) Old companions don’t disappear, they play poker. Artist Laura Lee Gulledge, author of the recently released graphic novel Page by Paige, recently put together the above portrait of the new series companions getting together for a poker game. The cigar-toting Donna (best poker play in Chiswick?) and aggressive all-in from Martha are great touches. (And dig that Dalek overhead lamp.)



Crocheted Doctor and Ood by Malin

2.) The Oncoming Squishiness. Buzzfeed has put together an impressive collection of Doctor Who-related crocheted figures. You can find pretty much anyone you want to at the above link. No patterns, it seems, but plenty to ogle. One of our many favorites by Swedish artist Malin is pictured above.



3.) She’s not really built to fly. Give her a couple hours. Tumblr user Lostthehat made a TARDIS kite for the Show Us Your TARDIS contest. Click the link to see even more TARDIS versions, including ones made of stained glass, Legos, balloons, and more. (A small note: We’d link directly to Lostthehat’s Tumblr but his page requests that we don’t. If you know Tumblr’s link structure you can puzzle it out easily enough.) The kite’s streamer features all of the Doctors grabbing on to each other for dear life as they flit madly through the air. Nice touches all around.

4.) The Doctor is IN. Joel Watson’s Hijinks Ensue strip featured a Doctor Who-centric toon last week. Visit his site for the full version (and lots more comics).

Hijinks Ensue Who strip by Joel Watson

*We couldn’t confirm an artist credit for the Doctor Who cats illustration. If anyone knows, please chime in in the comments!

And, of course, share your Who stories and cool finds!

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Tor.com. It would bluff Amy every time, match bets with Rose, and drink heavily with Donna, but never go toe-to-toe with Martha unless it had a killer hand.


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