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In Line with Doctor Who Fans: Tristan, Lynn, and Surprise Donuts!

While it would have been all too easy to write up the Q&A from the Doctor Who NYC premiere screening and call it a day, I waited on line all Monday with a mission—to talk to fans and ask the most important question of all:

Who is your Doctor?

All right, there were a few other questions. What could have been a laborious wait in line for the season 6 NYC premiere screening was instead a load of fun thanks to the playful, varied, and intelligent fans gathered. In this short feature series, will be shining a spotlight on a few of them leading all the way up to April 23rd.

Today we kick it off with two interviews; the first is from the young man responsible for my 5:45 AM call on Monday morning. I walked by the Village East Cinemas on Sunday evening and he had already been in line for three hours. His liveblog of the event, Waiting for the Doctor, was part of the viral explosion (Twitter helped) that led to a massive early response; I was only 164th in line when I arrived.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Tristan Shippen.

Tristan ShippenWhat was your first experience with Doctor Who?

My first exposure to Doctor Who was the second day of college this year. My friend Graham took me into his room and introduced it as “The TARDIS.” I had no idea what that meant. He sat me down and proceeded to play [the episode] “Blink” for me. And from there I watched the end of season three, and then decided that it was too much; I had to go back and watch the entire series straight through.

What other types of science fiction and fantasy do you enjoy?

I’m into video games. As far as sci-fi goes, I watch Fringe, I watched Firefly when that was on, fantastic show. Sanctuary is also great. I usually don’t think of the genre of show I’m watching, I just watch.

Do you have a favorite Doctor?

I do. My first Doctor was David Tennant and he will always be my favorite Doctor. He just carried the role so damn well for so many years, and it just worked.

Favorite companion?

If I had to be cliché, I would say Rose because I love Rose to death, the impact that she left on me after her run. Even her coming back in the 4th season was mind-blowing. Although I really do like Amy. She’s fantastic, she’s a great, great addition to the cast. As is Matt Smith.

How about favorite villains or episodes?

The Master. By far he’s my favorite. He’s just so bad, but it’s so good, you just can’t help but like him. David Tennant is in such turmoil and I look at [the Master] and go, “Dammit, why is he still smiling? It’s making me smile.” It’s awful. [For favorite episode] I would have to say “Father’s Day.” The villains in that, I mean, besides the [Weeping] Angels, they may have been the creepiest thing. They were just way too persistent to be okay with me.

Tristan Shippen, Graham Hegeman and Emma Cameron - the first three in line on Sunday at 4PMIs there anything you would like to see them do on the show that they haven’t done?

Honestly, I don’t know. The series has lived up to all my expectations and more. I feel bad speculating about without seeing the 6th season that they have planned for us.

I would really like to see some place besides Europe and America. I would like to see them show up in Australia per se. I don’t really care if they get out of Europe, just not necessarily the U.K. And I think that the way the Vincent episode was so powerful and so amazing, I’m sure they could draw that emotion out of another place and do amazing things.

And I wanna see Jack again.

What is something that you like about Doctor Who that you think might not be as popular with other fans?

At least in my group of friends, I’m a huge fan of both Martha and Donna as companions. And a lot of my friends—down on Donna as a companion. Originally I felt a little weary toward her and then I realized that’s who she was. She lived up to her character and did such a good job.

*  *  *

My second interview had already gained notariety at last year’s premiere for lining up all of her action figures on the sidewalk for the fans to ogle. This year she did not disappoint, back again with her crew (see above). Meet Lynn Foster:

Lynn Foster with Doctor Who action figure spreadWhat was your first experience with Doctor Who?

Reruns on PBS in the eighties; Peter Davison was my first Doctor.

What other types of science fiction and fantasy do you enjoy?

Oh, you name it, I enjoy it.

Favorite Doctor? Companion?

Probably my favorite Doctor would be Jon Pertwee, actually. Oddly enough my favorite companion is Tegan Jovanka which is not exactly the most popular companion.

Is there anything you would like to see them do on the show that they haven’t done?

I’d love to see some more just plain historicals. We haven’t had those since… I don’t remember the last one. Anything historical.


A Whovian donut. Note its artron energy signature.Surprise time: as Tristan’s interview came to an end, the Doctor Who cast hopped out of a big black car right behind me and proceeded to pass out donuts, take pictures and thank everyone for showing up so early.

That’s right, I got a donut from Karen Gillan! It was delicious.


Here’s a Doctor for you:

Aviator sunglasses are cool.

Emmet Asher-Perrin’s favorite Classic Who companion is also Tegan Jovanka. She is still impressed with how tall Karen Gillan is. You can bug her on Twitter and read more of her work here and elsewhere.


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